28 Jun 2007: Blinds & Shutters launches new website for commercial buyers
Published: June 28, 2007

The imminent smoking ban has widened with scope for awnings, with many companies not just pubs and restaurants now installing canopies for their smoker employees and customers.

“Whilst considered by some specifiers as rather basic products, many are now realising such simple devices are integral to the design process as they can play a huge role in the reduction of carbon emissions and help create more environmentally friendly building, “ explained Matthew Downs, editor.

Publisher Sarah Williams continued, “We are celebrating our 55th year of publication in 2007 and it seems the industry is becoming more technical and design conscious. Window coverings and shading products can be an effective way to control temperature and light within buildings, and unlike many insulating products, blinds also may a very public statement about a building and can change the mood of en environment very easily.”

“As a retail branding tool, the awning has re-emerged in the last few years with the advent of pavement café culture. Whilst historically awnings have been prevalent in butchers, bakes and hardware stores, now you seldom see a coffee bar without a branded awning.”

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